In this page you can find all the more frequently asked questions about how to insert contents in the CI Global Calendar.

General informations

HOW to add contents to this website? - Create account

To insert informations in the CI Global Calendar you have to follow this simple steps. 

  1. Register to the website if you are not registered yet.
    Click on "Create Account" and insert the requested data.

    create account
  2. Login using the username and password you choose.


    Once authenticated, the manger menu appear on the top-right part of the page.

  3. Trough this menu you can add:
    • Events
    • People (Organizers/Teachers)
    • Venues

  4. Follow the further steps, that are different depending if you are and organizer or a teacher.

WHO can insert contents in this website?

  • Organizers - To add their own Contact Improvisation events
  • Teachers - To add and keep updated their own biography and portrait photo. 

Which kind of event can I insert?

The aim of this website is to spread Contact Improvisation informations, if the topic of the event is not about Contact Improvisation it will be removed and your account will be disabled by the administrator.

In which LANGUAGE is supposed I write the event text ?

We suggest to write the event text in English and in the language of the country where is organized the event.
To have a fast translation in English you can use Google Translator, it's not the best but it's more ore less understandable.

I don't find the informations I need in this tutorial, what can I do?

In this case ask to the administrator of the website. You can contact the admin trough this contact form

For the Organizers

How to add an EVENT ?

Once you are logged in you will find the Events button in the upper menu bar.

Before insert your event be sure that:
  • You are present in the organizers list (Organizer/Teachers menu voice)
  • The venue where you are going to organize is present in the venue list (My Venues menu voice)
  • The teachers of your event are present in the teacher list (Organizers/teachers menu voice)

Fill the mask with all the requested data and [Save]

How to add a VENUE?

Once you are logged in you will find the Manager > My Venues button in the upper menu bar.


How to add myself as ORGANIZER ?

Once you are logged in you will find the My Organizers/Teachers button in the upper menu bar.

Click on [New] Button

Fill the mask with all the requested data and [Save]

Why the event I've post is not yet visible?

When you insert an event, it take up to 5 minutes to be searchable by the users.

How I should insert a REPEATING event?

When you add a repeating event, that can be weely or montly, you have to specify as start date and end date of the event just the day of the first occurance.
Then select in the repeat options how many times this event has to repeat or for which period.

If I want to create a weekly jam that happen every Tuesday for the next two months, and the first time that occur is Thursday 7/8/2018.
You will select as date:

And in the repeating options:

For the Teachers

How to add my BIO ?

The first step to add your BIO is to register to the website if you don't have done it yet. 
You can find informations about that at the top of this page: General Informations > How can I add contents to this website

Then you login and go to the Manager > My Organizers/Teachers page as shown below.

Here you can edit the BIO you have already added or you can add it if is not present yet.

Click on [New] Button

Fill the mask with all the requested data and [Save]

Somebody else insert my bio and I cannot modify it, what to do?

In this case contact the administrator of the website, he will give you the ownership that allow you to modify your bio.
You can write to the admin trough this contact form